Month: March 2003

spammer problems

spammers have been spoofing my domain to create random addresses for their mailouts – I am doing my best to get this halted, but in the meantime if you have recieved spam which looks like it originated here I would like to assure you that it has nothing to do with me whatsoever, and am… Read more »

in a world gone mad

three white rappers to try to make sense of it all

lunch with janice joplin

The car park at work isn’t the best place to eat noodles, but on a day like today it was too much to resist spending a peaceful half hour out there listening to Janice Joplins greatest hits.

legacy of a flash splash page

I recently did a quick reimplementation of a website to remove a splash page and frameset which was hindering it’s search engine listings. Before I did this, all searches stopped at the splash page and only listed the sole HTML of the page which was “can’t see anything? click here” leading to a “please download… Read more »

browser statistics warped by web designers?

I was just reading the interview with Mike Davidson of ESPN (Part 1) (which seems too be linked from virtually every web design blog in existence), and what particularly interested me is their policy on locking out netscape 4.x users, who account for about 2% of their audience. I then did what any self respecting… Read more »

If you look, you won’t see

I haven’t taken any photographs in the last couple of days and I think the reason is that I am looking too hard. When i’m not consciously looking around for things to take pictures of I seem to spot things and if I have my camera with me (which is most of the time) I… Read more »

half page advertisements – new trend in internet advertising?

I keep a yahoo account for a high volume email list I subscribe to and was just assaulted by a HUGE advert for a Cadburys creme egg Mc Flurry at McDonalds. The thing was a 425 x 600 pixels image embedded in the page rather than a pop-up. I dont think i’ve seen adverts that… Read more »

DOS batch ftp using mget with no user input

by default when you initiate an FTP session under DOS, the default mode is interactive. If you want to create a batch file to download multiple files and you dont want to have to manually accept each transfer, enter the word “prompt” which will toggle the interactive mode on or off e.g.:- open www.mywebsite.comuser myusername… Read more »

XML for the sake of it

XML is a wondeful thing, but I think sometimes it can be all to easy to make life difficult for myself, by attempting to do things in XML which would be much more straightforward if I did them with a database and then output XML as needed. For example a couple of things I will… Read more »

the internet is a real place

I read this article by bill thompson on the BBC site about the Amazon IPAQ price error, and while i’m not sure that I agree about that particular issue (I was always under the impression that pricing mistakes have to be honoured), the general theory behind the article is that the internet suffers from a… Read more »