Month: May 2003

self destructing DVD’s to be introduced by Disney

According to this article on wired, Buena Vista will be introducing a disposable DVD which will rust within 2 days of being removed from it’s packaging, making it unplayable. The idea is that they can then “rent” the film out from retail outlets without having to arrange for it to be returned. Great, abundant Disney… Read more »

bluefish code editor

i’ve been looking for a code editor for linux which is similar to homesite and edit plus and have found the bluefish code editor. It looks good, but haven’t downloaded it yet – waiting for that elusive paid linux project.

page does not appear at all in netscape 4.x

If you have a site which does not load at all in netscape 4.x, here are two table related errors I have experienced which may cause this:- 1. missing closing tags for nested tables 2. too many nested tables

google to treat blogs seperately in searches

An article on the register about googles plans to treat blogs seperately to “authoritative” web content, as blogs dominate rankings and make it hard for people to find “real” information. Sounds like a good idea to me, especially considering the uninformed waffle that gets indexed on this site…

the beauty and horror of blogs

read on a bristol noo-meeja list today:- The beauty of blogs is that they allow anyone to publish anything they want.The horror of blogs is that they allow anyone to publish anything they want. Personally, I find blogs without a consistent theme unreadable. In most cases it’s like reading a William Burroughs novel without his… Read more »

photogallery at surfstation now automated

The pickone photogallery at is now automated. I was about to dig out my best photo and submit it, but then I realised that I probably haven’t taken it yet. just realised that the navigation doesn’t work if you follow the above link – you will need to go through the front door and… Read more »

spam is 25 years old

interesting article on the BBC site about spam, which is apparently 25 years old this weekend (spam, not the article). rss reader

an article explaing how to consume an rss feed using

mr doo the clown

This is the website of a very good friend of mine from home Mark Russell, AKA Mr Doo. He’s now lives in Malvern, UK with girlfriend Anna and son Orion and makes a living as a Juggler, clown and stilt walker, travelling as far as the middle east to perform and run circus skills workshops…. Read more »