Month: July 2003

first desktop app taking shape

I’ve been doing quite a bit of Delphi recently, and needed a little project to get my teeth into so have been building a little windows app which will let me browse and preview jpeg images in a directory, select one or more then create thumbnail and web size jpegs, plus the XHTML and CSS… Read more »

self indulgent drivel

hubristic and self-opinionated garbage. (see comments at bottom of the page) I’m taking this thing underground where no-one can read it. then you’ll be sorry! ha aha ha ha !!!! jeez, just because blogs exist doesn’t mean you are forced to read them.


english grass shouldn’t look this colour:-

what is so good about ringtones?

I can see how the novelty of exploring what ringtones a new phone has might last for a couple of seconds, but I have never understood why people collectively spend billions (probably) on downloading the things. It’s not just kids either – grown men and women actually taking the time and money to download "hilarious"… Read more »