Month: January 2004

middle aged shredders

now being a spring chicken of merely 30, I object to the term "middle aged" but this site for 30/40 something skateboarders is more relevant to me than friends re-united. There is a good guide to some of the old skool concrete parks I used to frequent in the late 80’s/ early 90’s, including playing… Read more »

come back broadband I didn’t mean it

only 4 days until I get broadband reinstalled and frankly I can’t wait. It just goes to show that after me reverting back to dial up back in August, it felt like a step back to the stone ages. Not so much the lack of speed, but the pure tedium of having to dial up…… Read more »

carphone warehouse product spec blues

Yesterday my mobile phone died. I was in one of those weird situations where i could hear the other person but they couldn’t hear me and they were getting spooked out. Anyway, i’m not much of a mobile phone user – I might carry it everywhere with me and feel insecure without it but I… Read more »

The logical progression to

I’ve been doing some more stuff recently as it seems the logical technology to concentrate on having made a living using asp for the past 4 years. As far as adoption goes, i’ve seen it creeping into commercial use over the last couple of years and it seems to have made it onto most… Read more »

trouble logging into bloglines

after upgrading to mozilla 1.6 I had trouble logging into bloglines, I emailed support and they suggested logging out by browsing to and trying it again. it worked. cheers mate.

MP3 player with built in wifi and FM transmitter

The Aireo. I doubt it will be sold in the UK as "personal" FM transmitters are illegal in this country unfortunately (yep even the iTrip). It also only has a 1.5gb hard drive.

The Behaviour Layer

Article over at Digital Web Magazine discussing the "Behaviour Layer" of a website. In summary, a typical web page has three layers: Content, Presentation and Behaviour. In this context, XHTML is the content Layer, CSS is the presentation layer and Javascript is the behaviour layer. The article argues that it is important that the site… Read more »