Month: March 2004


my wife laughs at me every time I mention that at heart I am a minimalist. Anyone who knows me we knows that I am a hoarder and live surrounded by clutter and mess. I try to get rid of it, but I accumulate clutter faster than I manage to purge it. I once managed… Read more »

less cynical about video over the web

Last year, I posted a rant about the poor quality of video over the web. Things have changed, at least in my mind. I have spent a lot of time recently looking at skateboard videos on the web – some use streaming windows media, some use downloadable or streaming quicktime, but all are watchable. I… Read more »

Grow a beard

Shaving wastes valuable time.

Begone Amazon referral scheme

I decided to remove my amazon referral links as I haven’t made a single penny out of it. I left the links up for a while because I was under the misapprehension that it might make my site look more important than it actually is. How sad is that, I sold out, didn’t make any… Read more »


Last night I rolled down to Recognize, a night run by a friend and ex-drummer of mine. The idea of the night is that there is no specific genre – the music can go in any direction, depending on what the DJ’s feel like "all bases covered, no taste catered for…". There were also projections… Read more »

mental caricatures

Most days I arrive at work and park my car, then it usually takes a while for me to leave the car. Apart from the chores I have to perform in order to leave the car – turn engine off, take seatbelt off, put steering wheel lock on (done religiously since having a car nicked… Read more »

goldfish memory

Last night I printed some screen-grabs off for work (I have a colour printer at home, but only B&W available at work). I got to work and realised i’d left them at home, even though I had been thinking about them on the way to work, as I needed to post them somewhere urgently. Terrible… Read more »

bad parrot

Another thing i’m hoping to change about this blog is my urge to regurgitate stuff just because it is mildly interesting. For example I just read a mildly interesting article about how a skateboarding ban in LOVE park, Philadelphia, may be lifted because they just announced intentions to rig the park up with Wi-Fi and… Read more »

more about music and me

so as I was saying, I was fairly obsessed by music for a while. At 14 I got my first bass guitar, mainly because Danny Haines down the road got a guitar. We bought the guitar and bass tab book for U2’s Joshua Tree album and attempted to learn a few songs – the basslines… Read more »

music and me

There’s more to life than music. Thats what someone said to me when I was 16, and at the time I took some convincing. I had a plan in my mind – a major, all encompassing world domination plan, that music was going to put me on the map, make me immortal and most importantly… Read more »