Month: October 2004

not profound

anyone looking for any profound meaning in my last post don’t bother – I was merely demonstrating how a desktop blogger works to a friend who was over for dinner – I was trying to answer the questions what is a blog? and OK, so when you’ve posted it, whereabouts will it end up?

look here blog

here it is rich

Aeroplane food

what is it about aeroplane food? I don’t get why the airlines insist on serving the bizarre miniturised rubbery stuff, with bendy plastic cutlery and bits of cellophane and receptacles that fly off the tray when you go anywhere near them, even on a short flight when people would probably prefer a baguette or noodles… Read more »

spam in comments

I don’t have comments enabled on this main blog (mainly because I never got round to enabling them), but I do on my skate blog, and recently found some anonymous links to some directory site buried among the comments, which really annoys me. I’ve been lucky so far, i’ve heard that this type of spam… Read more »

set background colour in kupu in plone

by default kupu displays the background colour and image that is applied to the body of the page. To overide this I added the following to my ploneCustom.css:- body.kupu { background-color: white !important; background-image: none !important;}

to be honest…

it really annoys me when people append “to be honest…” or “i’ll be honest with you…” to the start of a sentence. This is all wrong. I would like to think that when people talk to me they are being honest by default, and they don’t need to warn me when they are about to… Read more »

why am i vegetarian?

whenever I eat with new people, I end up having to have the "why are you vegetarian" conversation. I try to avoid it, skillfully scanning the menu for the token vegetarian options and just going ahead and ordering so that nobody notices, but often i’ll be offered something, or maybe there’s a set menu, or… Read more »

so i’ve been experimenting with my new gadget, the Treo 600

here is a few notes and ramblings… msn messenger clientbeen trying to get the msn messenger client chat anywhere working, but apart from fetching my contact list it bombs out, then resets the treo when I try to log back in. There’;s a couple of others out there which I might try (forgotten the names),… Read more »