Month: January 2006

Plone snow sprint 2006

I’m a couple of days into the Plone snow sprint 2006. Before we arrived at the sprint location, the netsight contingent took a couple of days snowboarding. After half a day of falling on my backside, I just about have basic control of the board now, at least I can carve down the slope quite… Read more »

Plone sort_on title

One of the common hurdles I always encounter is that the title field is not suitable to be used for the sort_on criteria in a portal catalog search. This is because it is a textindex. To get round this you can use another index called sortable_title instead (at least in plone 2.1 you can, not… Read more »

plone get variable from query string

example: python:context.REQUEST.get(‘myvar,”) this can be use in zpt e.g. tal:define=”mypagevar python:context.REQUEST.get(‘myvar,”)”

plone CMFUrlSkinSwitcher configuration

I had some trouble working out how to configure this – by default the configuration refers to the editor and visitor skins that are installed when you install the CMFUrlSkinSwitcher product. I couldn’t work out whether I was supposed to substitute the name of my skins (in this case ‘SkateItall” for visitors and ‘Plone Default’… Read more »