Month: February 2006

Plone 2.1 comment bug

I discovered an annoying bug with plone 2.1 where when you added comments to a piece of content, they seemed to disappear, without throwing an error. It turns out they were turning up in their parent container. It only occurred intermittently, and seemingly randomly (aren’t they simply the best type of software bug?), but I… Read more »

plone 2.1 list all folders set to display as photo album

since plone 2.1 uses folders set to display as photoalbums instead of the CMFPhotoAlbum approach, I needed a way to list photo albums from a portal_catalog query (well, a smart folder actually, but the same thing really) here’s a solution:- 1. in the zmi go into portal_catalog -> indexes 2. add a new FieldIndex called… Read more »

Videocasting notes

This is the first time I’ve attempted to use my mini dv-cam to get some footage of talks and interviews at the snowsprint to use for video casting. Along with Nate Aune of Jazkarta/Plone4Artists, I have been shoving camcorders in people faces, positioning tripods precariously on ledges and bars and trying to get some footage…. Read more »

Plone Sprint one, two, three…. er five days in

i’m a few days into this thing now.. been frustrated at times at how much I have to learn, both with the ploning and the snowboarding. Both have involved a bit of trudging uphill, stationary, aching…. and some good stuff too…. archived comments Just testing the commenting stuff Rick 2006-07-07 13:40:46 another test Rick 2006-07-07… Read more »