Month: November 2006

The wonders of long battery life

I always go on (and on…) about how I chose a 12″ powerbook because it was really portable and had decent battery life. Thinking about it, it isn’t that much more portable than a bigger powerbook or macbook, but it has better battery life than those with bigger screens. Now that I have a new… Read more »

If you love your plone data, set it free…

If you can get it back into version 2.5 then the data belongs to plone, otherwise it never belonged to plone in the first place.. I’m still undecided and a bit lost about how i’m going to get upgraded from 2.1 to plone 2.5 To recap:- I can’t really upgrade it in situ (although… Read more »

Access Compact and Despair Utility

An asp/ MS Access web app of mine suddenly stopped working, and was throwing an error:- Microsoft JET Database Engine error ‘80004005’ The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file ‘C:foobar.mdb’. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data. I knew that it wasn’t opened by… Read more »

security on public wifi

After attending the excellent recent Skillswap on security by Oliver Humpage at the Watershed in Bristol, I am feeling more paranoid than ever about security on public wifi. We are all being encouraged to use wifi and work from wherever you want, but little advice is given about how to avoid transmitting your unencrypted usernames… Read more »

gmail mobile app certificate error

I decided to try the new java gmail app on my sony k750i. It installed OK, but when I tried to connect it was telling me I did not have the “appropriate certificate”. After abit of googling I found advice on this forum thread to navigate to the following URL on my phone browser:-… Read more »

comlounge TV coverage of plone conf and sprints

I have to admire the commitment and effort of Christian Scholz with the videos from plone conf (and subsequent sprints) he has been producing under the banner of COM.lounge TV. These things are appearing online at a prolific rate, it’s difficult to keep up! From my experience with helping Nate to video a few things… Read more »

PloneFormGen – through the web form builder for plone

An off-hand comment I heard about PloneFormGen while I was at plone conference has possibly just payed for most of the conference and travel expense to get to Seattle. I can’t remember where I heard it, but someone mentioned that it was a nice product. I stuck it on my mental to-do list to try… Read more »

free wifi in bristol – a map

Connecting Bristol are talking about a map project to show areas of free wifi in Bristol.

what I did on hol..h^h^h.. at plone conf 2006

I intended to do a comprehensive wrap up of our trip to plone conference in seattle (and stopover in new york), but it is still a bit of a blur, and i’m still jetlagged (ok, i’m just a lightweight, i’m always sleepy). I need to have a look at all the presentation material and my… Read more »