Month: December 2006

xmas 2.0

Netsight’s interactive xmas card, bought to you using the technologies of Zope 3, Ajax, fairy lights and tin foil.

I can see clearly now..

At plone conference I saw Andy McKay demonstrate his Clouseau product, but I have only just got round to trying it. Incredibly useful – I particularly like the way you can use it in context, i.e. when editing a plone page you can click the magnifying glass icon, type “context.” and instantly get a list… Read more »

am I a splogger?

A new term for my web buzzword vocabulary today: “splogger” – a term I just saw on scobelizer, apparently used for “someone who uses a system to automatically copy blog posts from other people”. I am doing something similar with the “skatevine” page on dfr skate zine, but I prefer the term “news aggregator”. I’m… Read more »

Getting the Title of the current level0 node in Plone

This is not so much a “how-to”, but more of a “is this how-to?”, I post it here mainly to invite comment and expose my ignorance about the much cleaner method that probably exists. OK, first my use case – in a skin I am building the title of the current level 0 node is… Read more »

gmail, akismet and spam empowerment

all my personal mail now directs to my gmail account. Gmail seems to do a very good job of filtering out the spam emails as hardly any get through. When one does get through I like the way that there is a “report spam” button. This makes me feel empowered about binning those tempting offers… Read more »

traffic jam on the street net and goodbye adsense

This morning I had a fantastic coffee but frustratingly slow wifi experience in Boston Tea Party, connected via street net – it went from fast to slow to standstill, although the signal was fine. Someone downloading a series of 24 across the road in starbucks maybe? I was trying to get rid of the google… Read more »