Month: February 2007

Recent windows update “monkeys” with Plone as service

A bit of an exaggeration maybe, but I thought I would blog this just in case anyone encounters the same problem. A client phoned yesterday to say that his Plone (2.0.5 on W2K3 server) intranet wasn’t working and could see that the python/zope service was not starting. As it had been running fine for months… Read more »

A few tips for running a web forum

I recently stepped down from my voluntary role as one of the Administrators for a popular skateboarding web forum (for old gits), due to time commitments (i.e. I couldn’t commit any). I thought I would share a few tips I picked up from that and other forums i’ve implemented. The forum in question uses phpBB,… Read more »

The drive against white noise

I’ve been trying to eradicate our living room of machine hum. For the past six months or so a noisy beige linux boxTM has provided a) always on living room internet access, b) a vmware server c) automated nightly backup of various web databases. I’m slowly getting out of the habit of carrying my powerbook… Read more »

transplanting a linux setup

I was amazed to hear that it is possible to move a disk with an ubuntu (and probably other) linux install on it from one machine to another (different type of) machine and it will still work. Possible spanners in the works are the graphics card (which may need reconfiguring) and network connections which are… Read more »