Month: September 2007

Bristol Skillswap Relaunched

I attended the relaunched Bristol Skillswap last night at Goldbrick House in Bristol. The new format is called “Talking Points” – five chairs in a circle, one of which is always empty. Someone starts a (web related) subject to discuss with the other seated people, when someone in the room wants to join in, they… Read more »

IIS, basic authentication, permissions and include file

Occasionally I have a problem to solve that burns some serious time and makes me doubt my ability in my chosen field, and this was one of them until a “eureka” moment a few minutes ago.. I had been struggling with using basic authentication (over https) with IIS to lock down access to a particular… Read more »

d.Construct 2007

The d.Construct conference was excellent, this is the first one i’ve been to, but by all accounts it has raised the bar a bit since the first one two(?) years ago. The theme was definitely that of User Experience, and the talks were mainly conceptual rather than technical – I guess this would have appealed… Read more »