Month: February 2008

More books to review

I’ve been sent a couple more books to review from Packt publishing – Codeigniter for Rapid PHP Development, and Object Oriented Programming with PHP5. I have immediate use for these as I am currently working on a few PHP5 projects and was looking around for a PHP framework to use for part of one of… Read more »

installing php5 and mysql on windows

I was having some real headaches getting mysql to work with a fresh install of php5 and IIS on a windows XP machine earlier. I was eventually put out of my misery by this excellent how-to. The trick is: do not use the installer – it comes without mysql support by default. Use the zip… Read more »

How to resize a Bootcamp partition on Leopard

I recently got a mac mini and decided to give bootcamp a try as I needed a native windows machine from time to time. I initially created a 10GB bootcamp partition, thinking that would be enough, but after installing Visual Studio and a load of other stuff I was soon down to about 200mb. I… Read more »