Month: April 2008

mailplane – osx gui integration for gmail

I’ve been using gmail almost exclusively for about 4 years now – I find the convenience of webmail essential as I work at lots of different machines, and it doesn’t make sense to set up desktop email on all of them. One thing I do miss about not using a desktop mail client is the… Read more »

zend framework and isapi rewrite on IIS (and why)

Recently I decided to standardise on php/zend framework for future ground-up development (where I have a choice/ influence). As some of you may have gathered, i’m a bit of a “jack of all trades” when it comes to web dev and I have a legacy of projects using different technologies. One of these is a… Read more »

Drupal on a different port – access denied

(This is just for my own reference as i’ve hit this twice now – and can never find anything on google). if you run Drupal on a non standard port (e.g. on my windows machine I run apache on port 6060 so it doesn’t clash with port 80 hog IIS), you may find that you… Read more »

New drupal based site – Green Infrastructure in the west of England

Olivewood have recently launched a new drupal based site Green Infrastructure in the west of England. This has actually been quietly live for a while now, but wanted to monitor how it coped with the fairly heavy load exerted by the AJAX based mapping tool, which bought our dev server to it’s knees during original… Read more »

Apache as Proxy to IIS

Been meaning to get this working for ages – using apache 2.0 on my ubuntu dev server to proxy requests to an IIS server on the local network – to avoid having IIS facing the internet directly and to be able to have a central place to configure virtualhosts. Finally got it working with a… Read more »