Month: May 2008

pdb and zdb – debuggers for python and zope

(updated 10/6/2008 – to reflect Dan’s corrections below) pdb has long been on my radar, but I had kind of dismissed it as something for “proper” programmers, rather than a web monkey like myself. However, i’m pleased to say i’ve actually finally used it during some plone development! The trick (for me) involves running the… Read more »

a change is as good as a rest

I’ve been working so much recently, clearing a huge backlog of work that i’ve got into a habit of mobile working again, as a way of varying the endless hours sat staring at a screen. Despite having some lovely studio space, I find it helps my productivity to wander off and work in a few… Read more »

3 mobile broadband on OSX

I finally succumbed to buying a 3 mobile broadband USB modem on pay as you go, seeing as they have come down to £50. Installation went fine, when I realised the software is on the dongle itself, not a (I assumed missing) CD in the box. Seems to work OK – only tried it in… Read more »