About me

Rick Hurst

Skills and experience

I am a professional full-stack web developer based in Bristol, UK with nearly two decades of commercial experience in the web industry. I specialise in building websites, web applications and intranets, mostly using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) stack.

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I currently work full-time at Colour & Thing, so I am currently not taking on any freelance work.


I grew up in Cambridgeshire, but now live in the south of the lovely city of Bristol, with my wife and son. I am an unashamed geek, living and breathing digital technology. I also dabble in music (playing bass guitar in a trashy garage surf-rock band), cycling (transport, skids and wheelies) and skateboarding.

About the site

This is my personal blog which was first started back in 2002, it varies between technical notes and articles, random musings, rants and ideas, mostly relating to the technical side of web development. The site has been through several incarnations, but currently runs on a customised version of wordpress.

About Olivewood

Olivewood Technology develops products and services that improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption or improve workflow.

Our flagship product is Chil-LED – a high power LED light designed specifically for cold store warehouses.