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AJAX, classic asp and IE7 cached output

I noticed that IE7 was caching asp content loaded via AJAX. These asp headers seem to solve the issue:- Response.CacheControl = “no-cache” Response.AddHeader “Pragma”, “no-cache” Response.Expires = -1

OK maybe this Zope object database makes sense now..

I’ve just made a breakthrough in my perception of Zope and its object database. Despite the fact I have been working with Plone for over three years i’ve always struggled to shift my way of thinking away from relational databases and SQL queries, due to my previous experience of building sites and applications mainly with… Read more »

IIS, basic authentication, permissions and include file

Occasionally I have a problem to solve that burns some serious time and makes me doubt my ability in my chosen field, and this was one of them until a “eureka” moment a few minutes ago.. I had been struggling with using basic authentication (over https) with IIS to lock down access to a particular… Read more »

Access Compact and Despair Utility

An asp/ MS Access web app of mine suddenly stopped working, and was throwing an error:- Microsoft JET Database Engine error ‘80004005’ The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file ‘C:foobar.mdb’. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data. I knew that it wasn’t opened by… Read more »

MS Access gets protective over its relationships

When building things from scratch with ASP/Access, I never use any of the “advanced” features of access, such as relationships, as I don’t need the Access GUI to manage this stuff for me, as the logic and relationships are managed by the ASP code, and SQL queries instead. This means that I often forget these… Read more »

Frameworks make you forget

I’ve recently being doing a bit of “old school” web development, manually creating HTML forms and (classic ASP) scripts to validate and process the forms. I was surprised at how much I have forgotten of my basic HTML, since I have been using a framework (namely archetypes in plone) to do all the form generation,… Read more »