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Deploying and maintaining a website using git

I’ve kind of used git to deploy/ manage php/ static websites for a while now, but in a very luddite way – basically sshing into the webserver, cloning a repo into my site root directory, then hiding the .git folder in the Apache config. After recently starting a new job and inheriting some web sites… Read more »

Pushing a local git repo to a bare remote

Often I create a git repo locally, but then want to push it to a remotely hosted repo. On the server, create a folder and move into it, then:- git init –bare Then in your local git repo:- git remote add origin ssh://username@yourserver/path/to/repo.git git push –all origin (this assumes your remote repo is accessible via… Read more »

The basics of git (or at least how i’ve been using it)

A while back I wrote about how I use subversion (SVN) version control as part of my workflow, when working alone and as part of a team. I’ve observed many of my friends and colleagues dropping SVN and moving onto GIT, and used it when working on swoop patagonia but personally carried on using SVN… Read more »