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now running on a low energy intel atom powered server

I recently upgraded my bytemark VM to one of their low energy intel atom powered dedicated servers. Because of an AJAX based mapping tool on one of the sites I host, my VM struggled with only 400mb of RAM (mainly because of lots of simultaneous mysql connections under heavy use), but CPU bottlenecks were never… Read more »

more moving around

Some of you may have noticed that this blog ground to a halt again recently, with occasional database connection errors. I contacted servage support and they suggested creating a new mysql database and moving the data over, as by default a new mysql database would end up on a more recent (and presumably more empty/lower… Read more »

servage moved me

I complained to servage that my site had got a bit slow and they offered to move me to their newest cluster. Apologies for any interruptions in service. It seems to be much faster now, plus I now have native (rather than CGI) support for php5, which is handy because I am trying out ActiveCollab…. Read more » hosting independant review – first impressions

As I mentioned before, for the first time in about 6 years i’ve actually coughed up for some paid-for hosting. This gives me somewhere to host some php/mysql stuff and means that I don’t have to rely on favours to get things sorted out, or be responsible for it myself. After having a quick look… Read more »