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Brain dump February 2013

I spent a lot of my spare time working on my camper van blog this month, which has now been relaunched as As well as covering my own experiences with mobile working and my VW T25 camper, it is now also a general blog about camper van things (hence the new name!). I’m also… Read more »

Combining and minifying assets on a PHP site with PHP minify

I’ve been getting carried away with my Camper Van blog over the last couple of weeks, overcompensating for my lack of actual design skills by adding loads of fancy effects such as Supersized full-screen background images, and Photoswipe for responsive photogallery/lightbox. Looking at the network tab in chrome developer tools I was reminded how many… Read more »

Brain dump January 2013

I haven’t posted to this blog much recently, so I thought i’d set myself a new routine of blogging at least at the end of each month to record some thoughts and links. Firstly, as of Jan 1st i’ve been Freelance again – towards the end of last year while working full time at Potato,… Read more »

Learning by Teaching (a crash course in Backbone.js)

On Wednesday, the day after my lightning talk at the Django meetup, I gave a talk “An introduction to Backbone.js“, at a newly formed javascript meetup, loosely based around the locality of southville in Bristol. This was an interesting experience as other than using Backbone.js on one project (largely written by other people, so I… Read more »

Decisions, decisions

The final afternoon and I face the trickiest decision over which session to attend – all three tracks look useful. I wanted to go to Nate Aune’s multimedia and podcasting tutorial, but i’m fairly well up to speed on that already, but it was difficult to decide between the KSS/ Azax and the UI’s 2.0… Read more »

using BackgroundImageCache to solve background image flicker in IE

Fantastic – at last a solution to IE background image flicker that doesn’t involve applying background images to containing elements. I will be using this – I’ll be interested to know if I can use the IE CSS filter version without a performance hit, as that could just sit in my IE-only stylesheet. archived comments… Read more »

Mobile web and AJAX

I tried out a friends pocket pc (or is it windows mobile now?) smartphone recently – a cool little device with a slide out QWERTY keyboard (I think it was a variation of this htc device). It also had wifi support so I thought I would try to blog from it. However, he hadn’t got… Read more »

JSON – JavaScript Object Notation

Another abbreviation(?)/buzzword that i’ve been hearing for months but I have only just understood what it is. From All in the Head (Drew Mclellan’s blog):- if you’re not familiar, JavaScript Object Notation is a method of describing data structures such as arrays and objects and their contents in plain text. On receiving a chunk of… Read more »