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Rasberry Pi as low power office server

Part of a system that I look after for a small distribution company includes a linux server based in their offices. The server doesn’t do much – it runs a few cron jobs and a mySQL database, acting as a monitoring system on the internal network and as a middle-man receiving data extracted from Sage… Read more »

linux on my old laptop – finally useful

When I first started this blog years ago I was detailing various (mostly failed) experiments with running linux on an old Time (Fic A430) laptop of mine. The machine is long past it’s prime – screen doesn’t work, no battery and was last in service as a windows 2000 mp3 jukebox at work until the… Read more »

Recent windows update “monkeys” with Plone as service

A bit of an exaggeration maybe, but I thought I would blog this just in case anyone encounters the same problem. A client phoned yesterday to say that his Plone (2.0.5 on W2K3 server) intranet wasn’t working and could see that the python/zope service was not starting. As it had been running fine for months… Read more »

transplanting a linux setup

I was amazed to hear that it is possible to move a disk with an ubuntu (and probably other) linux install on it from one machine to another (different type of) machine and it will still work. Possible spanners in the works are the graphics card (which may need reconfiguring) and network connections which are… Read more »

unix command to delete the .svn folders

This command will delete all those pesky .svn directories that have been left by subversion:- find ./ -name “.svn” | xargs rm -Rf (obviously you will want to keep the .svn folders if you are still using subversion!) archived comments Or a slightly safer version: find . -name “.svn” -print0 | xargs -0 rm -Rf… Read more »

return of the mac

i’ve now gone full circle and am using my powerbook (plus second monitor, keyboard, mouse etc) as my main work machine. The windows laptop now sits on the edge of the desk so I can reach over for IE testing. Using windows as my main machine drove me mad. unexplained freezes, random system tray frenzied… Read more »

ubuntu update kills vmware server

After applying a whole load of ubuntu updates, vmware server console wouldn’t work – it would try to start then just quit with no error message. After a quick msn chat with netsight linux guru scott (in foreground), It turns out that one of the updates I had applied was a kernel update. to fix… Read more »

ubuntu on HP nx6110

I needed to reinstall windows on my work laptop as it was getting a bit sketchy and unreliable in that undefinable way, so I took the opportunity to repartition the disk and set it up as a dual boot machine, with ubuntu. I created a primary 15gb partition for windows and installed win xp in… Read more »

bulk search and replace on unix using perl

here’s a example of how you might do a bulk search and replace on unix – here i’m replacing all occurences of old style br tags with xhtml br tags: perl -pi -e ‘s@<br>@<br />@g’ * (this will replace all instances in all files in the current directory) find . -type f | xargs perl… Read more »

Platform Agnostic

For the past few months i’ve been using mainly windows for web development, because I seem to find myself doing a lot of testing in IE, and I was fed up of lugging my powerbook to and from work (on a skateboard), so I nagged netsight into buying me a cheap laptop to use here… Read more »