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Using Vagrant for local LAMP development

I’ve always used a local version of Apache for php dev, either the version provided with OSX, or using something like XAMPP or MAMP. On a recent freelance contract I was introduced to using Vagrant to spin up a tailored virtual machine with specific versions of php, mysql and any other relevant dependencies. Vagrant will… Read more »

Combining and minifying assets on a PHP site with PHP minify

I’ve been getting carried away with my Camper Van blog over the last couple of weeks, overcompensating for my lack of actual design skills by adding loads of fancy effects such as Supersized full-screen background images, and Photoswipe for responsive photogallery/lightbox. Looking at the network tab in chrome developer tools I was reminded how many… Read more »

Setting up apache on osx lion

For general website/ PHP development, I like to have multiple local sites running from my Sites folder using virtualhosts. Up until now i’ve usually done this with Xampp, but after hearing that the version of apache shipped with OSX 10.7 is fairly useable out of the box I thought i’d run with it. First of… Read more »

Object storage and retrieval in PHP part 2 – MongoDb

In part one, I talked about how to save and retrieve a PHP object instance using JSON files, and in this post I talk about the same operation using mongoDb, and some gotchas. I’ve only tried this in very limited circumstances, mainly to see how feasible it would be to make eatStatic seamlessly switch between… Read more »

Object storage and retrieval in PHP part 1 – JSON files

I mentioned in my post about eatStatic that I was using JSON files for storage of objects and arrays, but hoped to make it switchable to use mongdb. This is part one of a two-part post, demonstrating use of JSON files with json_encode() and json_decode(). Take the following simple class:- class case_study { var $id;… Read more »

Introducing eatStatic blog engine

Recently I ported this blog from an ancient version of wordpress to my own simple blog engine, which uses my PHP5 micro-framework, “eatStatic”. I use the phrase “blog engine” rather than blog software, as it isn’t really packaged up yet as something I would describe as software – its more just a collection of classes… Read more »

Plone Conference 2010 Day 1

Just back home after day one of Plone Conference 2010, with my mind buzzing so thought it would be a good time to write up some of my thoughts and notes. It was really difficult to choose between the talks on offer on the three different different tracks, but here are some thoughts on the… Read more »

More php framework musings

Just like CMS’s I’m incredibly indecisive when it comes to frameworks. I spent years dragging my feet over deciding which php framework I would “standardise” on, before deciding on zend, then deciding against it (too big), then getting as far as using cake for a couple of things (it’s pretty good, but felt a bit… Read more »

Aardman Timmy Time

Yesterday the was was finally launched. I worked on this project along with the Aardman digital team building a bespoke php CMS and putting the site together to accommodate the mostly flash content with HTML alternative (where possible). XML was used to share the same data between flash and PHP, making it easier to… Read more »