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PloneFormGen – through the web form builder for plone

An off-hand comment I heard about PloneFormGen while I was at plone conference has possibly just payed for most of the conference and travel expense to get to Seattle. I can’t remember where I heard it, but someone mentioned that it was a nice product. I stuck it on my mental to-do list to try… Read more »

what I did on hol..h^h^h.. at plone conf 2006

I intended to do a comprehensive wrap up of our trip to plone conference in seattle (and stopover in new york), but it is still a bit of a blur, and i’m still jetlagged (ok, i’m just a lightweight, i’m always sleepy). I need to have a look at all the presentation material and my… Read more »

Decisions, decisions

The final afternoon and I face the trickiest decision over which session to attend – all three tracks look useful. I wanted to go to Nate Aune’s multimedia and podcasting tutorial, but i’m fairly well up to speed on that already, but it was difficult to decide between the KSS/ Azax and the UI’s 2.0… Read more »

stick a fork in me – i’m done

it’s the start of day three of plone conference 2006 and I am stuffed with both plone knowlege and lovely delicious fatty food. This hasn’t been as debauched as previous conferences (for the netsight contingent at least) as the jet lag has made us flake out in the evening before we manage to to do… Read more »

plone conference 2006 seattle

i’m two days into plone conference 2006 and it has all been a bit of a whirlwind so far. I’m eight hours behind UK time and travelled 26 hours to get here after missing our connecting flight in houston, thanks to some helpful individual at passport control who wouldn’t let us jump the queue. so… Read more »