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Too Old To Skate rebuild

A month or so ago I took offline as it seems that it was being used as a spam relay. It was running an ancient unpatched version of wordpress, so this came as no surprise. I thought it would be a good opportunity to rebuild it using django. So yet another django blog engine… Read more »

Swoop Patagonia re-skin 3

Last night Dan Fairs pushed the latest version of the django powered Swoop Patagonia site live. The site has several new content management features created by Dan with the help of Ben Mason allowing swoop staff to create and manage content in a more flexible manner and has been re-skinned (by yours truly) to use… Read more »

Watershed 2011 rebuild

Last night the new version of the watershed website was pushed live. I had the pleasure of being one of many people involved in this project, which involved combining several different sites representing different projects within the watershed brand. I did the “first cut” of the HTML/CSS, working from a PSD provided by the design… Read more »

swoop travel phase 2

The second phase of swoop travel has gone live – working again as part of Foundry, this django powered site got some new features and a bit of a makeover (by yours truly – i’m almost in danger of calling myself a web designer after this one!).

Tate Movie Project

Earlier on this year I was fortunate enough to be asked to help the Aardman Digital team out on the companion website for the Tate Movie Project . This was one of the most fun and technically challenging website builds i’ve worked on. Working as part of the team, along with several other Bristol freelancers,… Read more »

Rick on the Road – New blog about mobile working

I’ve started a new blog covering my experiments with mobile working – from working in cafe’s and the garden to planned road trips. I’ll be covering reviews of equipment and gadgets, techniques, experiences and places visited. It’s also a trial for a new offline blogging/CMS engine i’ve been working on (i’ll write another post about… Read more »

Aardman Timmy Time

Yesterday the was was finally launched. I worked on this project along with the Aardman digital team building a bespoke php CMS and putting the site together to accommodate the mostly flash content with HTML alternative (where possible). XML was used to share the same data between flash and PHP, making it easier to… Read more »

Helping Aardman/ OTC Productions with Digital Asset Management

My web development career has taken another slight change in direction – i’ll be working for the next few months over at Aardman Features helping with the development of a digital asset management system built by OTC productions in Los Angeles. It’s an exciting project both because of the software and the fact i’ll be… Read more »

Wallace and Gromit get google doodled

Last week I helped aardman digital set up the Wallace and Gromit site to cope with a huge traffic spike resulting from the 20th anniversary site relaunch and “google doodle” logo displayed on the google site across 12 countries. Working with the in-house team, I wrote a script to scrape the live site and create… Read more »