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Analysis of my social media usage

Over the last couple of years i’ve tried to rationalise the way I use various social media sites, and I realised that how I use a service has evolved over time. Flickr I think flickr was the first social network (of sorts) that I signed up to, in 2005. It was the instagram of it’s… Read more »

My Idea of March – a decentralised microblogging/ chat system

Chris Shiflett has suggested a blog revival, and i’m having one of those days, trapped between sorting out domestic chores and procrastination, and not being entirely productive, so what better time to blog than right now! One of the current topics being discussed is how twitter have asked developers to stop creating new twitter clients… Read more »

7 ways to make me unfollow you on twitter

(this is all a bit tongue in cheek, don’t take too seriously!) Tweeting a link to anything that begins with “x ways to..” Posting any link without at least a vague explanation of what i’m going to get if I click it. Posting the same thing more than once (intentionally). Mentioning how many “followers”… Read more »

new sweetcron/ codeigniter based site Too Old To skate

I’m pleased to say i’ve achieved another of my 2009 goals, by launching the (unfinished) new version of one of my personal projects Too Old To Skate. The main site is now running php/codeigniter based sweetcron, which is used to pull content in from the original wordpress, flickr, delicious, twitter, vimeo and a friends blogger… Read more »

How to use twitter for marketing and PR

Some insightful tips on this site about using twitter for PR and marketing:- (sorry, couldn’t resist posting that!) archived comments very funny !!! Karl 2009-06-10 12:59:52