Ok, sorry to disappoint anyone looking for a shiny portfolio full of shiny things, I haven’t got one! My involvement with projects is often only on a technical level, so I don’t think it’s relevant to point people at websites i’ve been involved in building, as it often doesn’t portray what skills were actually used, and I don’t want to take false credit for designing or building things that were done by other team members. Also, some of my “portfolio pieces” existed over a decade ago, and have long-since been replaced. Instead i’ll just try to dazzle you by name-dropping..

Over the past 16 years, whilst working for various agencies and organisations I have worked on web projects for a diverse range of clients including: BT, Orange, Vodafone, FCUK, National Express, University of the West of England, NHS, Warwickshire Police, AlderKing, Lloyds TSB, Rufus Leonard, Royal Bank of Scotland, Oxford University, South Gloucestershire County Council, Hyundai and Schlumberger, Netsight, Enable Interactive, Carlson Marketing, Morgan Wylie, European Law Firm, Fanatic!, Mason Zimbler, Everything Imaging, Kudos Business Technologies, VOSA, Forest of Avon, Avon wildlife trust, Uniq Plc, Aardman Features, Aardman Digital, Holistic Community, Griffin Marketing, Team Rubber, Watershed, EcoJam, Harleys, Macmillan Publishing and Potato (including projects for Google, YouTube and Amnesty International)

For more details/ CV take a look at my linked-in profile