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recent updates now available from the menu

Ever since I reinvented this site as a multi-blog blog I have had trouble deciding which blog particular posts should be posted to and I sometimes post to the wrong one accidentally and don’t like to move them afterwards. The idea of having multiple blogs was to try to keep separate the different elements of what I might be rambling about that day i.e. I wanted to keep this blog along creative lines, free of some of the more marginal technical stuff you might find in the lab and at the other end of the spectrum I didn’t want to clog it up with every single photograph I take, so I created the photography blog.

To tie it all together you will now find the x (limited to 5 at time of posting) most recent posts from any of the blogs on this site under the “recent updates” menu. I will no doubt mess around with the format of this as time goes on, and would also like to make this available as a rss feed eventually.