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javascript accessibility guidelines

These javascript accessibilty guidelines were posted on a list I subscribe to. Very interesting and relevant to what I am trying to achieve with the design here at hypothecate.

The section which interested me most was the bit about the “noscript” tag not always being a good idea. This tag is something I have always tried to avoid as often it results in data appearing in the page more than once, which I want to avoid. I prefer to take approach where by default features dont depend on Javascript, so there is no need to provide an alternative.

I’m not quite there yet still with making this design degrade the way I would like. The worst case scenario at the moment is if a user has CSS support but javascript turned off, as some of the toggleable areas will be hidden. Turning the style sheet off would let you get at them in non-styled mode, but you would still have some redundant links.

Don’t worry, I have a plan……