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back to dial up

This is my last week with broadband at home. As of next week I will be hogging the phone line again and closing my browser in disgust when a page doesn’t load instantly. I think it will be a bit of a culture shock.

So why? well the main reason is money – £25 a month might not seem a lot for a dual-income household and arguably I could end up building up these sort of charges on my phone bill if I have cause to use the internet a lot at home, but I resent paying that amount for a service I don’t think I am getting £300 a years value out of.

Also I spend too much time sat in front of a computer – I spend eight hours a day monday to friday tapping away at a keyboard and making myself shortsighted staring at a screen right in front of my face, and with my always-on connection at home I seem to be unable to resist the urge check my email everytime I walk from the living room to the kitchen.

I don’t download music and films as a rule, not for moral reasons but because of the lack of quality that seems to be the norm, so i’m not going to miss that.