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iPod mini

everyone ‘s favourite gadget has just smaller, and for a refreshing change cheaper (smaller usually means more expensive when it comes to consumer electronics). Apple have just launced the ipod mini. It’s only got a 4gb hard drive. only? why did I say only, 4GB is huge really and you could always seperate your music collection into "bite size" 70 hour portions.

Update: There has been a frantic buzz about the iPod mini, but then people have started to change their opinion on it fairly quickly. The main criticism is price – it’s not that much cheaper than a 15gb iPod so most people would spend the extra and get 14gb more storage. Also people are saying that the pastel versions look tacky, and that physically it is not that much smaller either.

I’m still waiting for a hard disk based MP3 player with built in wifi, email and web browser to come out before I put forward a proposal to my purchasing manager (wife). Alternatively a PDA with a hard disk would do….

I’ll be interested to see whether the forthcoming MS Portable Media Centers based on CE are going to have web functionality. Maybe all will be revealed at CES 2004 in Las Vegas this week.

oh and I just installed the WMPamplog winamp plugin which lets w.bloggar know what i’m listening to..(hence info below)

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