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Reasons why I dont have one of those "i’m a good XHTML brownie" badges on this blog

I’ve refrained from sticking one of those Tick! I’m a good brownie because this page is valid XHTML! badges on hypothecate (or any site i’ve ever done for that matter) because of a couple of reasons:-

1. Valid today, full of dirty tag soup tomorrow
It’s happened to me numerous times, I make sure that the page templates validate, then I or someone else inadvertently inserts some invalid code. This is because virtually everything I build is driven by some kind of content management system, making it much easier to add invalid code faster and more conveniently than a hand coded site. I’ve been reading this morning about a lot of fuss over a similar issue at diveintomark

2. It looks rubbish
The W3C provided badges are ugly, theres no escaping it. Some people have created more subtle alternative versions, but it still looks rubbish to have this sort of information on the front page of a website. I would suggest maybe putting this info as comments in the source code if necessary, but isn’t that what the doctype tag is for? (Machines and humans should be able to deduce what the document is from that tag).

For what it’s worth, the front page of Hypothecate didn’t validate when I checked it this morning because I had accidentally left an unencoded ampersand in somewhere and I had cut and paste the HTML image link for w.bloggar from the w.bloggar website (missing ALT attribute). It took all of 30 seconds to rectify and at time of writing it now validates, but i haven’t had the urge to give myself a badge about it. (Note that the ugly little orange xml badge at the bottom of the page is actually link to the XML feed for this site, nothing to do with validation)

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