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middle aged shredders

now being a spring chicken of merely 30, I object to the term "middle aged" but this site for 30/40 something skateboarders is more relevant to me than friends re-united.

There is a good guide to some of the old skool concrete parks I used to frequent in the late 80’s/ early 90’s, including playing place near Truro and Market Harborough. Browsing through some of the pages and seeing pictures of those parks gives me warm feelings of nostalgia….

I also liked one of the comments somewhere in there "A cheaper mid life crisis than a ferrari"

People never could get their heads around the concept of grown men on skateboards. Even at the age of eighteen I used to frequently get the remark "aren’t you too old to be riding around on a skateboard?". As a sport it certainly has an image of being for younger people. Now compare this to golf or football – how often do you hear footballers being criticised for being too old to be chasing a ball round a field or a skiier too old to be riding round on a pair of skis? Exactly how are skiing and snowboarding so different to skating?