Rick Hurst Web Developer in Bristol, UK


is anyone there?

I don’t know how many people "read" this blog regularly. I know from a referrer log I set up that I get somewhere in the region of 1000 unique visitors a month via google and via forums and mailing lists (where I have left links lying around in signatures). Of the google visitors, most are looking for technical info and so they tend to land deep down in the archives of "the lab"

Other than that, apart from one or two friends, I have no idea if anyone actually visits hypothecate regularly just to read whatever I have posted on the main blog. This is probably just as well because it hasn’t exactly got a focus. I never intended it to have a particular subject, although writing about digital media, web etc was going to be the main artery. Wherever I think there is enough potential "content" spewing forth from my mind, I have set up a seperate blog, specifically for that subject, hence the technical blogs within "the lab" and too old to skate. Sometimes I can’t decide which blog something should go in and I wish I could be bothered/had time to upgrade the blogging software to allow things to be posted in multiple categories (but this isn’t a technical post, so won’t go into it there).

So if there are any regular readers, other than people who know me, I wonder why you read it? (Feel free to tell me). Until I got involved with computers I had never been very good with categorising/ filing things – i’m more one of those people who just leaves stuff lying around with a kind of photographic memory of where I left things ("corkscrew? – it’s under the video tape with the xmas tree sticker on it. what do you mean you’ve moved the video tape?). Since being forced into storing things in a logical way and working on large websites where it is vital, I have become much more anal about organising things. One of the cardinal sins in maintaining a website is moving stuff (leading to broken links), so once I have made a decision about where to put something it has to stay there.

So anyway, I subscribe to loads of RSS feeds for blogs (mostly technical) and news sites, through a news aggregator (bloglines), and every morning whilst trying to kick start my brain with putrid instant coffee, I browse through them, and keep up to date on a huge library of emerging news from around the web. Quite often something will interest me enough to post it on my own blog, along with about a million and one other bloggers.

so anyway, as usual i’m starting to lose the thread here… I think it is safe to say that any particular subject area that bubbles to the front of my mind will end up on my blog. The amount varies depending on how busy I am and what is going on in my life.

So anyway, a lot of stuff on this blog has been about the more technical aspect of web design, but I think that now my mind is full of other (frankly more interesting things), this aspect of Hypothecate will be partitioned off into a seperate blog within the lab, and like a lot of other stuff in there will be mainly for my own reference (but with the added bonus of being available worldwide), both factual and opinionated. It will have it’s own RSS feed for anyone who subscribes to Hypothecate for web techie stuff.

The main blog can then continue to be focused on the eclectic everything/nothing randomness that it has become!