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not lap and definately not top

The screen gave up on my laptop last night. It had been partly pink for about a year and started flickering the other day, now it is blank. I bought the laptop over 4 years ago because I was thinking of buying a flat screen monitor to reduce the headaches I get sitting behind a cathode ray tube for hours at a time. TFT flat screens were expensive then and I reasoned that I might as well buy a laptop and get a badly needed new PC while I was at it. The spec is laughable compared to what I could buy for half the price today, but I was quite happy with it at the time and happy to use it indefinately.

There are currently far more urgent things for me to spend my banks money on, so I won’t be buying anything non-essential for a while, especially anything which might fall under the category "gadget&quot, so I dug out my flickery old 15 inch dirty beige monitor from the shed (hooray for hoarding!) and plugged it into the back of the laptop. The ugly, headache inducing thing works fine – now I can have watery eyes at work and at home!