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Fruits of the VCR

VCR label - skateboard kings::wheels of motion::fruits of the vine

This weekend my cable TV subscription paid for itself with the "birth of cool" weekend on extreme TV. Amongst other things they showed Skateboard Kings – 1970’s BBC documentary about skating in dogtown, by the "World about Us" team, Wheels of Downhill Motion – another 70’s skate video and Fruit of the Vine – recent film/documentary about Pool skating shot in super 8. In the absence of any video capture equipment I saved the whole thing on old school VHS.

I’m getting stoked on the idea of doing some super 8 filming this summer with CH (plus mini DV if the opportunity arises). I also did some filming this weekend at Yate skatepark with the video facility on my digital camera – the low frame rate gives it a nice vintage feel (flash 6, 4mb, has preloader). I’ve been experimenting with editing and encoding options

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