Hurst shifter T-shirt

I just saw a really cool retro/vintage “Hurst Shifter” t-shirt in BS8 on Park street, It’s got a cartoon of a hot rod with a huge gear stick sticking out of the top with the word “HURST” written down the side. I like it for so many different reasons, not least because Hurst happens to be my surname and it would be kind of ironic.

I nearly bought it there and then, but have been a bit frivolous with t-shirt purchases recently, so i’m going to sleep on it 😉

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Flat Screen

Last night I plugged a 17" LCD monitor into my dog-slow laptop, it works a treat and so the ugly beige flickering 80’s throwback monitor was quickly dispatched back to the shed.

While I was messing around with the settings, the dead laptop screen momentarily came back to life in all it’s semi-pink former glory.

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muse at Glastonbury

Last night I caught muse at Glastonbury (on TV, not standing in the mud). Those boys sure can rock. It partly inspires me to pick up my guitar again, and partly inpires me to stick it on ebay….

I’ve been neglecting my music recently, mostly due to lack of spare time, but i’m also in a rut musically, everything I come up with is really mediocre, probably because there isn’t any significant angst in my life at the moment. I’m one chilled puppy – now where did I put those beach boys "pet sounds" MP3’s…..

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i’ve switched (mentally)

Just been eyeing up a 12" powerbook someone brought into the office – if I ever suddenly find myself with enough spare cash to buy another laptop it has to be one of those…

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