Rick Hurst Web Developer in Bristol, UK


New Job, new direction

I am now both allowed and happy to say that I have started a new job as a developer at Netsight in Bristol. I walked to work today – so much nicer than queuing in traffic on the Portway- but plan to skate now i’ve sussed out the best route. I also didn’t have lunch at my desk for the first time in years – i’m spoilt for choice up there (about how best to blow loads of cash on convenience food) in the heart of Clifton.

I’m also shaking off the MS shackles as I will be be aiming towards becoming a specialist in Zope and Plone. This is very cool, as for the last four years or so I have worked extensively on various content management systems, mainly bespoke, and had already realised how fruitless it is building a home grown solution when something as advanced and comprehensive as Zope exists.