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For about two years I hardly bought any magazines, after I realised that they are usually 90% adverts and very little in them. Then I started skating again, and since then i’ve bought quite a few skate magazines. I’m trying to think why – enthusiasm mainly, trying to absorb stuff, get a feel for what people are doing. I also like the photography – I can sit and get lost in a full page photo in a magazine in a way that doesn’t translate to the internet.

While my wrist was in plaster and I couldn’t skate I bought a whole stack of magazines and soon filtered out the ones with too many adverts, and those that seemed to be too insular in content. I also got pissed off with one magazine after I emailed them suggesting they do an article on the revived old school/old git skate scene and I didn’t recieve a reply, not even a "thanks but no thanks" That’s pretty immature of me to take offense really, they might not have even recieved the email… anyway i’m getting sidetracked.

Today I opened a skate magazine on the shelf and read an overindulgent article about something that happenned back in may. I was there and I blogged it the next day. For that type of thing a magazine is always out of date, but then again magazines aren’t newspapers, and newspapers aren’t the internet.

I’m sure I had more to say on this…