Rick Hurst Web Developer in Bristol, UK


since last time

i’ve worked a lot, broke my longboard, it rained a lot, the cats have been terratorial pissing, shaved my beard, arranged to borrow a nice car, decided to sell the clio rather than the micra (£600 anyone?), worked in london for a day, regrown my beard, learned loads of plone stuff, picked up my guitar (still not happening), gave wife an emergency "i’ve been up since 4am and husband has driven to suffolk kit" weekend survival kit, containing junk food and heat magazine. drove 5 hours to a stag do in suffolk, (got drunk, slept in car, drove back from stag do), wore through another left shoe skate commuting, watched in amazement at how fast a previously stationary small person can move, learned how to make a wasp trap using honey in a jar, built a fedora linux server, started eating dinner at the table rather than in front of TV, spent more money than I earned, stopped buying skate magazines (just a quick read through in borders now), ate far too many crisps (not my fault – there were loads left over from company BBQ – complete ban coming up), watched balloons from my back garden, filled out far too many tricky forms, skated in the dark, ate a fantastic curry, ripped gusset in my favourite combat trousers (happened skateboarding, not related to the curry), arranged to sell my bass amp (ampeg portaflex B15 -T 100 Watt flip-top combo £250 anyone?) via a shop, got depressed at constant rain, been reading Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur, and er… loads of other stuff.