when we were kids, me and mr doo used to spend hours on BMX bikes learning to wheelie. We spent most evenings in a wisbech car park, which was always empty, and we could use the lines of the car parking spaces to gauge our success. In the early days I was lucky to keep the front wheel up for more than 2 or 3 spaces, but this soon became 10, 20 spaces until I was clearing the lot, leaving the car park, turning the corner and riding all the way past st. peters gardens to the market place on one wheel.

Fast forward a few years and I would be trying the same thing (on smoother tarmac) on a skateboard, except they are known as manual rolls, but the principle is the same – keep moving, keep the front wheels off the floor. car park spaces make the ideal yard stick

This morning skateboarding to work in the pissing rain I was struck by the urge to start doing manual rolls seeing if I could get the whole way across a section of different coloured tarmac as I skated along by the docks at hotwells. The whole strip is divided into these sections and I know if I succeed in clearing one, then i’m going to want to try for two, (three…..)

and so the commute to work gets that little bit more interesting 🙂

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dear blog…

It has been 24 days since I last confessed….

Well i’m back from a couple of weeks holiday in France, we stayed on a campsite in the Loire valley across the river from Saumur, drank lots of cheap local Rose wine, sat outside cafe’s drinking coffee, took the nipper swimming and to the zoo, and had a lovely lazy time. Drove a new beetle we are looking after for father-in-law (with a view to eventually buying) which was great, and found that you can get a maclaren volo stroller in the tiny tiny boot ) just. But that’s another story (not a very interesting one though, obviously).

I’m off to Plone Con 2 in Vienna next week, and have been fully immersed back in the world of plone since I got back to work, and looking forward to mingling with so many people with in depth involvement and I am hoping that some of this knowledge will rub off on me via some kind of collective plone osmosis.

Stoked to find out that another mate has decided to start skateboarding again, and has just bought himself a new setup… plans to find a chav free zone somewhere to go for a spin soon. On the skate subject I confessed to mrs rick that I had bought the powell peralta public domain reissue dvd a while back, which I had neglected to mention previously on the grounds of cashflow… she probably wishes I had kept it secret because now i’ll insist she watches it.

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