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mobile music

The £2.50 I spent on a headphone adapter for my Treo, (combined with the 500mb sd card) has proved to be an excellent investment as I find myself with a digital music player. Not quite an iPod, but enough to get a few albums on. The view out of the window on the train to and from London yesterday was accompanied by Queens of the stone age, The Jayhawks and Snow Patrol.

I used to listen to a walkman all the time, and this tailed off when I made the mistake of buying an early CD Walkman that skipped and had about 10 seconds of battery life, then I made the mistake of buying an early MP3 CD Player, that also skipped and was fussy about what files it played. I gave up after that, coveted the iPod for a while but couldn’t justify buying one.

As I always carry my phone (love/hate relationship), even a trip to Papa Costa Deli to buy Caribbean pasties is accompanied by the sounds of ROCK.