Plone Desktop Demo

I saw a demonstration of this at Plone Conf 2 in Vienna earlier in the year and was blown away. Plone Desktop allows windows desktop integration with a remote plone server so you can literally drag documents into an explorer window and have them transformed and included in a plone site – workflow and other plone specific actions for the document are integrated into the right-click menu.

go on – have a look at the demo

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hydroplaning? what about dog poo planing

Tim at has been talking about why people prefer to buy bicycle tyres with tread on them. He pointed out that people like to use tread as a gauge so that they can see when they need replacing, The post he references argues that you would need to be doing 90 – 100mph on a pushbike to hydroplane. I can confirm that as a rider of a mountain bike with slicks (well one slick, but thats another story) that you only need to be doing 2 – 3 mph to "plane" on random goo such as soggy paper, cardboard, vegetables and dog’s eggs you encounter on the UK’s roads and pavements, so I prefer tyres with tread because I believe (rightly or wrongly) that this will help me "cut through the shit" so to speak.

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minimo – mozilla for small consumer devices

Hopefully this will be available for Palm OS so I can stick it on my treo:-

The Minimo (Mini Mozilla) project is focused on code-size and runtime footprint reduction, and porting to small consumer devices. We hope to make Minimo the browser of choice on small devices, or machines with limited system resources; taking advantage of Mozilla’s support for a broad and comprehensive set of standards and the variety of content on the web, proven security, international support, and cross platform capability.

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Firefox live bookmarks

firefox's live bookmark subscribe button

as if RSS feed subscription in thunderbird wasn’t enough, i’ve just stumbled across firefox’s "live bookmark" feature. With version 1.0, if you are viewing a site like this one that contains (in the code) a link to the sites RSS feed, e.g.:-

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" ...

you can add a live bookmark to it. A live bookmark keeps track of entries so when you hover over the item in your bookmark menu, it lists all the items currently on the feed. Firefox is intelligent enough to check for associated RSS feeds and display a little orange button (like in the pic above) to allow you to subscribe via your bookmarks. didn’t see that one coming…

I’ve said (something like) it before – if you have a site that gets updated more than once a year, you really should have an RSS feed. And if you have an RSS feed make sure you have links to it (hidden and visible). RSS is becoming mainstream, and news/journal sites that don’t have feeds will slowly be forgotten.

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standalone versions of IE

Being able to run multiple versions of IE is old news but i’ve never bothered trying until I had a need for it recently. Luckily someone has packaged up a few versions as zip files, so all you need to do is download, unzip and run directly from wherever you downloaded it to – note that there is no need to install – they just run from the included exe, so you don’t need to worry about breaking your installed version. works a treat for me.

Talking of working a treat, I just upgraded Firebird and Thunderbird to version 1.0 (on PC) and they also work a treat (no problem importing settings and mail etc from existing versions – all happened automagically).

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eating someone elses dog food

I noticed seb potter (a plone developer) has started using drupal for his personal site instead of plone, the reason being that he wanted to get to know drupal to compare it to plone, because it makes sense to see the differences in features, in case any cross-fertilzation could benefit both systems.

I think this is a good idea – if you stay locked in using a single system you don’t get to properly check out the "competition". (I quoted the word competition because there is a strong argument that these two systems are intended for very different scenarios).

Personally, I need as much of my own dog food as I can get, but (if I had more spare time) might be tempted to see if drupal would be suitable for collaborative content management on the Middle Age Shred site, which I have started contributing to, and is mostly static but already uses php/mysql for the forums.

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location of outlook express dbx files

seems to vary according to setup and windows version, but I can never find it – not even with a search (ignores hidden files by default?)

C:Documents and SettingsyourusernameLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities{bigrandomunique id}Microsoft

archived comments

Open Outlook Express.
Click “Options”, “Maintenance”, “Store Folder”.
Copy the location and paste it to Windows Explorer. Voila!

Mick 2007-01-21 18:30:12

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