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eating someone elses dog food

I noticed seb potter (a plone developer) has started using drupal for his personal site instead of plone, the reason being that he wanted to get to know drupal to compare it to plone, because it makes sense to see the differences in features, in case any cross-fertilzation could benefit both systems.

I think this is a good idea – if you stay locked in using a single system you don’t get to properly check out the "competition". (I quoted the word competition because there is a strong argument that these two systems are intended for very different scenarios).

Personally, I need as much of my own dog food as I can get, but (if I had more spare time) might be tempted to see if drupal would be suitable for collaborative content management on the Middle Age Shred site, which I have started contributing to, and is mostly static but already uses php/mysql for the forums.