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capital one ad rant (a brief diversion back into self indulgent drivel)

currently capital one are running a series of ads featuring tv impersonator (forget his name, does a good one of richard madeley) going through peoples dustbins looking for personal information to use for identity theft. When I first saw the advert I thought that it was some sort of public "beware of identy theft" advert, but it turns out that it is a capital one advert trying to sell their cards on the basis that they apparently have better insurance against that type of thing.

This winds me up. why? because I take care not to leave personal details in my rubbish/ recycling, but this job is made all the harder because at least once a week, capital one spam me and my wife with letters with our details on and even pre-filled application forms for their credit cards, which I then have to remove from the envelope and store – I have a whole plastic bag full of them which I will have to hang on to until I can remember to borrow the office-shred 550 from work to shred them…