Rick Hurst Web Developer in Bristol, UK


Forest of Avon Intranet

The Forest of Avon is one of 12 Community Forests in England and is part of the National Community Forest Partnership. The Forest of Avon staff had been using an Access database to manage their contacts and mailing lists. This wasn’t entirely suitable for the purpose as it wasn’t suited to being used by several people at once and needed some modification. I suggested that they moved to a browser based solution written in ASP and Access to take advantage of their existing IIS server and database.

The solution I built for them allows all the staff to search and update the database via their web browser. Each user has an individual login and can create saved contact lists from the results of an advanced search. These contact lists can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets for use in mail merges. Lists can be combined, copied and refined.

As this was a bespoke build, I built in a number of other features in such as a document management system, so that files used within the organisation can be stored centrally on the server and accessed via the intranet, to avoid multiple copies of documents floating around as email attachments or on network drives.

skills and technologies used:-

  • Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP classic)
  • Access
  • CSS