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Subversion – the penny drops

I think I might have just had one of those “two problems solved at once” moments. For the last few weeks i’ve been churning over in my mind how deal with version control and backups and also come up with a solution to allow me to develop my freelance stuff on multiple platforms, on multiple machines, but having it all stored in one place.. Then it occurred to me – one of the ways subversion can be used is to check out a whole project to a local machine to work on, then changes can be committed back to the repository, so as long as I have a machine ready to run a local version of whatever it is I want to work on, I check out the project, work on it on that particular machine (disconnected if necessary) then check changes back in later. Even If I manage to get out of sync by forgetting to check stuff back in svn should resolve any conflicts.

So now I need to change my strategy, rather than relying on shared folders and network drives, I need to set up svn repository and find clients for the different environments I will be working in. and err.. learn how to use it properley beyond adding files and committing stuff.