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plone livesearch results overlapped by content and action menus

On a custom plone 2.5 skin we found that the livesearch results were getting overlapped by certain elements of the content including action menus and elements within a composite page, in IE6. After much trial and error this turned out to be because I had used absolute positioning on the search form, which obviously confused something somewhere along the line. I also had to remove position:relative from a couple of containing elements to get it to work. As this was a custom skin already fairly heavily modified (both css and template changes), I haven’t narrowed down exactly what was happening yet, or if there is a better way to address it, but I ended up moving the form and using floats and margins to get it in position.

The plone livesearch template and CSS code seems a little over-complex to me, and I don’t really like the use of an HTML fieldset to render the results, as this is always the first thing I break during a customisation so I may create my own version in due course (in private of course, before I go around claiming I have a better version than the one that ships with plone!).

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Yes i agree, the livesearch css is a bit overly complex. i’m attempting to slightly restyle the plone live search. I have copied the livesearch css from the public css file and pasted this into my default css in my skin product. The live search layer displays on the left of the screen and not as expected on the right? Have you had similar experience? any ideas? This display is the same in firefox and ie7. Also the search div layer isn’t overlapping. When the layer appears it pushed the rest on the page contens below it. Hmm

Richard 2007-03-12 15:27:59

Just noticed this incoming link where someone else found a slution to this same problem:-


“adding z-index:1” to the parent – parent of which element I wonder?

Rick 2007-10-02 21:36:44