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Getting the Title of the current level0 node in Plone

This is not so much a “how-to”, but more of a “is this how-to?”, I post it here mainly to invite comment and expose my ignorance about the much cleaner method that probably exists.

OK, first my use case – in a skin I am building the title of the current level 0 node is always displayed as a section heading e.g. If you are viewing the page “eggs”, a few levels down and the breadcrumb trail reads home -> foo -> bar -> eggs, “foo” is displayed as a banner heading, so wherever you are in the site you know what main section you are in.

so I have created a skin script called getLevelZeroTitle that has approximately this in it (with try/except statements, and a list of id’s to ignore to handle errors):-

current_level0_path = ‘/’.join(context.getPhysicalPath()[:3])
section_id = context.getPhysicalPath()[2]
current_level0_title = context.portal_catalog(path=current_level0_path)[0].Title
return current_level0_title

Is this the way forward or is there something “built in” to handle this?

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Funny, we had a very similar use-case recently.

We wrote a script that looked like this:

## Script (Python) “getSectionTitleForBanner”
##bind container=container
##bind context=context
##bind namespace=
##bind script=script
##bind subpath=traverse_subpath
##title=Figure out the appropriate title for the display banner
# Get the physical path to the context & the site portal
curr_path = context.getPhysicalPath()
portal = portal_path = context.portal_url.getPortalObject()
portal_path = portal.getPhysicalPath()

len_portalpath = len(portal_path)
from_root_path = curr_path[len_portalpath:]

if len(from_root_path) > 1:

if curr_path != portal_path:
from_root_path = from_root_path[:1]

from_root_path = “/”.join(from_root_path)
display_section = portal.restrictedTraverse(from_root_path)

return display_section.Title()

HTH. (I cut out a section that handled an exception where we wanted to not show level 0 folder sections).

Jon Stahl 2006-12-13 15:19:00

first version posted has assumptions about location of portal in zodb.. second version.. is overly complex and expensive.. something simpler..

portal = context.portal_url.getPortalObject()
parent = context
if parent is portal: return portal.TItle()
while 1:
if parent.aq_parent is portal:
return parent.Title()
parent = parent.aq_parent

kapil 2006-12-15 00:26:01

Thanks Kapil!
I’m a newbie at python but was able to fathom your elegant script (once I saw the typo and realized where indenting was needed) and use it on the site I’m currently building.

Winn King 2006-12-25 02:46:05