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Interesting debate about TTW support in plone

Even though I seem to have slipped off planet plone recently (design or accident? – must find out!), i’m fascinated by the current debate about Through The Web (TTW) support in Plone. I must admit I have noticed a general “TTW is bad” vibe from hardcore Plone developers – in fact i’ve heard it said outright on many occasions. As a Plone integrator/ general web developer I can see the pros and cons of TTW, but i’ve certainly seen it as a selling point of Plone – people commissioning a CMS, even for a large corporate site or intranet often get excited at the possibilities of being able to make customisations and additions themselves without having to get expensive developers in to make changes – and why shouldn’t they? I’ve also been a position where i’ve taken on a few customisations of Plone sites where the most of the site lives in the custom skin layer, edited TTW and it is a great way to make minor amends on the fly, and something that i’ve always liked about plone, even though I am fluent with file system development.

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exactly. and now imagine a TTW implementation that lets you (still) do all that *and* plays nicely with filesystem based development. surely something desirably, no? 😉

and on a side note: i do hope to see more plone related things from you again… perhaps we might even meet again at a sprint or conference again… any chance of that happening?

Tom Lazar 2007-10-20 23:24:10

Hi Tom, sounds good to me 🙂 And yes I am still working with Plone – currently on an Intranet project where Plone was the natural choice, and I hope to be at Plone conf next year if it doesn’t coincide with my kids birthday like it did this year!

Rick 2007-10-21 08:52:12

what a coincidence… my oldest kid’s birthday was just one day before i left… it seems he had a wee bit better timing than yours 😉

Tom Lazar 2007-10-22 21:16:40