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Please find attached (no really)

Idea for a killer firefox or email client plugin – a script that scans your outgoing emails for the words “please find attached” and flags up if there isn’t actually an attachment on the email when you hit the send button. Go on someone write one please and save me from the humiliation again!

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Ironically, this is a feature already present in Mulberry (not often that I get to say that). It can scan for configurable words (by default I think it looks for “attach” and “attached”) and prompt you before sending.

I get the ‘pleasure’ of using Mulberry a lot (I work at the University of Bristol and its the preferred mail client) and its saved me a few times. Its also given me a load of unnecessary warnings

Of course, this is Mulberry all over – technically excellent, a pig to use. Still its nice to know it does some things right!

Simon Speight 2007-11-14 22:58:18

UPDATE 11/12/2008: this feature is actually available in gmail labs now 🙂

Rick 2008-12-11 17:33:11